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Content writing can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Having structured and professionally maintained written content creates a sense of trust among the consumers. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to writing SEO optimized content. There are plenty of content writing services available throughout the web, but one must do their research before hiring any professional. Here are some of the points to keep in mind while deciding which content writing service to choose from.

Eye catchy headers/titles

Eye grabbing headerstitles

Whether a person wants to read what is written on a website or a blog totally depends on the title, so planning headers and titles in content writing is crucial. Also, the search ranking majorly depends upon the headlines when it comes to the web.

Keyword research

Keyword research

Before writing or delivering the content on the web or social media pages, analyzing the keywords and testing its performance is of prime importance to ensure organic growth of the entire website or a page as a whole.

Content structure

Content structure

The entire written structure must be strategically planned and must have accurate wireframe, sometimes the content that must be placed higher up the order is misplaced, which causes confusion among the readers, and this might redirect their interest.

Purpose clarification 

Purpose clarification

Often, the point that has to be explained is entirely missing, so one must make sure that the client is fully aware of the ideas we want to impart.

Competitor content research  

Competitor content research

If your industry is densely saturated, it is a must to look up and check if any competitors in your domain have similar or identical content. If there are any, then changes must be made by the content writing team accordingly.

Professional content writing is an art that is incomplete without the details mentioned above. Companies usually hesitate to invest in a top-notch content writing service because they feel that it doesn’t create much difference. This is one of the many thoughts which inhibits the growth of a company. For example, if you invest 10$ in a service, you will most likely receive an output of 100$, and if you invest nothing, then keeping some primitive methods, you might receive 10$ for the same product. From this, one can observe how essential and game-changing hiring a professional content writing service may prove to be. Your content can be the ice breaker in switching a potential enquiry into a permanent client.

The don’ts of being a professional content writer include:

  1. Never use plagiarised content
  2. Never write off-topic content
  3. Avoid using abbreviations
  4. Do not use long paragraphs, instead use pointers and headers
  5. Never use slangs

Workflow carried out by MediaBuzzLab to enhance your SEO game

When a particular task is provided to the writers, they usually research what is to be written and form a basic structure by analyzing the principles. Furthermore, various revisions are made based on the inputs from different writers, and finally, fully optimized and error-free written content is served to the client.

SEO Last para 04

We make client satisfaction our topmost priority and accordingly work hard on delivering our best. MediaBuzzLab also boasts a top of the line SEO team that works closely with our writers and provides them with the necessary feedback. We also make sure that your web page and the company’s social media handles are completely synchronized with one another to enhance user experience. These are some of the many details that we carry out during a task.

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