7 Successful Digital Marketing Strategies for the Growth of Real Estate

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The digital advancements in this 21st century have totally changed the way we look at real estate businesses. The old days of hunting houses for miles and miles on foot have changed to hunting houses online. 

Digital marketing 01

Thanks to the internet!

Want to rent a house? Buy one? 

With a few clicks, you can glance through hundreds of properties even in a crowded city like Mumbai, and find your dream paradise.

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According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly 44% of buyers first look for properties online and 83% of home buyers use the internet to look for houses. 

When it comes to real estate, digital media has become one of the major assets in growing your real estate business. With growing competition every day, not only listing your real estate business online is important, but having an effective presence amongst the targeted audience is also essential for your growth.  

Whether you are getting started with the real estate business or an experienced realtor, digital marketing is the ultimate ladder for you to reach the peak of success.

Digital platforms are constantly evolving and thus are essential to keep up with the game and renovate your marketing strategies. MediaBuzzLab helps you grow your business through a well-researched, perfectly planned strategy that fits right in the digital marketing puzzle to win the real estate marketing game. Every business’s ultimate goal is to achieve recognition in the market, and we help you with that. 

These 7 digital marketing strategies for real estate will help you create your own unique identity and stand out amongst your competitors.

1) Start with a User-Friendly Website

Digital marketing and Website go hand in hand when it comes to expanding your business. For a real estate agent who is new in the market, having an effective and user-friendly website will help you to build credibility in the minds of the prospects and generate more leads. 

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For someone who is looking for a property, having a website with easy access to property details and photos on the website will make them trust you more, for the whole business game works on trust and credibility.

2) Optimize for Search Engine 


Today’s generation prefers using the internet and churning out information before even making a small purchase. Most people rely on search engines for information, news, and purchase.

We help you with a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that can help you increase your website traffic by ensuring that you are easily found on search engines. Our aim is to ensure all the realtors get closer to the top of search engine results and also, attract the right audience to your property.  

3) Step Up on Google My Business

Many people rely on Google for their answers and Google My Business helps the businesses to stand out and gain more visibility. Having your GMB profile gives your potential clients easy access to hours of operation, your contact details, website, and geographical locations with just a few clicks.


With Google Posts, you can constantly update your target audience with your property sales, deals on buying houses, apartments for rent, and a lot more. 

4) Flaunt through Content Marketing

When it comes to driving visitors to your websites and blogs, content can work wonders. The ultimate goal of content marketing is to make the customers’ time on your digital platforms, worth a while. 

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For the realtors out there, having appealing descriptions of your properties and houses, assuring the safety of life and property, describing the friendly neighborhood, testimonials can easily lure your target audience into wanting to visit them and looking forward to buying them. Giving the relevant content to your targeted audience is the ultimate goal of content marketing services at MediaBuzzLab.

5) Pay Per Click only

Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click is the most beneficial way to draw traffic and market any condo or house or whichever form of real estate you offer. PPC helps you reach out to the right audience who is actually looking out for the service you are offering.


We help you in tracking all your progress in SEM and also strategize your PPC for maximum optimization of your real estate business. We advertise you in the right market to get effective lead generations and a higher ROI.

6) Set up yourself for Social Media

Social Media

Connect with a wider audience on social media platforms. Today, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. have upgraded on a whole different level for doing business.

Use these social platforms as an opportunity to post photos and videos of your real estate and show the relevant lifestyle imagery that will draw the users to your site and thus generate leads. An Instagram profile is a must when it comes to gaining popularity in real estate marketing.

7) Market your houses through videos

Real estate is all about showing properties and houses. Video Marketing is your ultimate key to offer more insights on representing the homes. 

Video Marketing can help you reach out to a wide audience and show them the beauty and reality of your properties. It will help you give a better sense to the prospective buyers to allow them to understand how the place, in reality, looks like. At MediaBuzzLab, with video marketing, we also provide you with virtual video tours that include a 360 tour of your property using only site photographs. This allows the users to visit your property virtually.

Video Marketing 01

The real estate business runs on trust and reliability. For you to have an accomplished business in the market you need to win the hearts of your audience and give them the flexibility to reach out to you.

MediaBuzzLab helps real estate agents build their empire on digital platforms with tailor-made strategies that will help you grab the eyeballs of a wide audience and lure them into sales.

Website Traffic Cheap

So get on board and flex your houses and properties on digital platforms with MediaBuzzLab!

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