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Create a website that attracts leads!

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75% of consumers judge a business based on their website!

We build your website & that website builds your business.

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With our cutting-edge technological expertise, we embellish your website with the elements favouring consumer experience. MediaBuzzLabs helps you create a website that not only grabs attention but also gives them an enhanced user experience.

alignment & rhythm

Complementing Font

Enhanced user interface

Easy Accessibility

Easy navigation

Image and illustration

Intriguing Infographics

Hooking Content

Clear CTAs

All of these give an edge to your website, makes it accessible and enhances it to be customer preferred.
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Do you want your website to be enriched with all the above?

Join hands with us!

Why MediaBuzzLab?

We make your website



User friendly

User Friendly

UX enhanced

UX Enhanced



Well optimized

Well optimized



Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly

Browser compatible

Browser compatible

Seo Friendly

Seo Friendly

We practice


Quality check

Detailed fact checking,formatting,keyword enhancement,performance of the embedded links,skeletal structure of the website are some of the many services that we take care of.

Website Testing

Our developer team gives you 100% assurity regarding the functionality, security, compatibility, performance. and the overall UI/UX experience.

Website Audit

MediaBuzzLab provides you with a dedicated audit of the website, it includes page validation, error page detection,content validation and website health validation.  

Performance Check

We measure your website performance in accordance with similar businesses like you and make sure that it is ranked above them.

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About Us.

MediaBuzzLab is a Digital Marketing Agency branched out from it’s parent company Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to cater to the growing need of a specialized team for digital marketing. Parikh Info Solutions has been serving 275+ international and local clients from 25+ countries for content creation, translation and localization services for more than 20 years.

Our reasonably priced services include consultation, tailor-made strategies, monthly reporting, and impeccable customer support. We bring real-time results to the table. With our team of brilliant minds, we generate handcrafted strategies that make your brand soar. We intend to help small & medium businesses grow by making the most digital platforms.
Final MediaBuzzLab 3