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Today, 3 out of 5 shoppers made a search on Google for finding a business. Google has eased the efforts of searching for a shop nearby. Just type “Restaurants near me” and Google will shows you it’s best options.
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...and the numbers are increasing

With the increase in the number of people counting on Google for searching for a business, it gets very essential, especially for small and medium businesses to be listed on search engines like Google.

Google My Business is an essential tool that helps your potential prospects know that you are just a shop away from them! It helps you list on Google alongside your competitors. The better you maintain engagement, the higher your chances of listing on the top of the searches. The higher you rank on Google’s business listing, the customers are more likely to visit your business than your competitors.

shows your audience that you are authentic

Business Authencity
Listing on Google My Business and adding all your details shows your audience that you are authentic and accurate. Many people rely on the reviews given by your customers before making a decision. Thus having positive reviews on Google helps you build credibility in their minds.

If You are not

You might be missing out on a greater scope of potential customers.

Business You Are Not

With Google My Business, gaining brand popularity online is easier.

A few steps of sharing your information and you can reach out to your potential customers in every corner of the vicinity. Give them the ease of finding you wherever they are.
  1.  Updating all the details like company name, phone number, open hours, etc.
  2.  Listing your business on Google Listing and directories
  3.  Setting up the location on google maps
  4.  Clicking appealing photos of your location and workspace
  5.  Listing the services you provide
  6.  Replying to the queries of your customers on Google in real-time
  7.  Constantly posting for upcoming events and offers
  8.  Having Customer Reviews on your page

Doing all of these steps while managing your business can be overwhelming. Also, a lot of technicalities are involved in setting up Google My Business which can trick you into getting stuck. 

No Worries!

We are here to handle that mess for you. Our team of experts manages your reputation on google by improvising all the steps above to give the best experience and accurate information to your customers. 

Business No Worries

We Take care from A To Z

We take care of everything that is needed for the optimization of your Google My Business. Improve your local searches on Google and reach out to every doorstep with us. 

We do everything for you.

Our Google My Business Services Include :

  1.  Number of Locations on the Maps according to the different franchises you have.
  2.  Clicking appealing and high-quality photos of your company’s place
  3.  Doing Google My Business set up and verification
  4.  Guaranteed Maps and Business Listings
  5.  Helping with Keyword Analysis and Suggestions
  6.  Adding your business to other local listings on Bing and Yelp
  7.  List your services for customer reference
  8.  Posting content on Google My Business every month
  9.  Responding to the queries asked by customers
  10.  Monitoring Google My Business and Reviews
  11.  24×7 customer support

All of these services are done under one umbrella, that is MediaBuzzLab. We come with budget-friendly packages that will help small and medium businesses to grow amongst the competitors by listing on the top of Google search results. 

Get the BEST Local SEO to grow your traffic, not your BILL.

Grab your favorite package today!

Simple Pricing Plans


Build an impressive brand persona on Google
One time fee
  • Google My Business

    Setup & Verification
  • Performing link-building

    for GMB
  • Completing and

    optimizing your GMB profile.


Boost your engagement and build brand credibility
3 Months fee
  • Google My Business

    Setup & Verification
  • Performing link-building

    for GMB
  • Completing and

    optimizing your GMB profile.


Standout amongst competitors & have a remarkable local presence
3 Months fee
  • Google My Business

    Setup & Verification
  • Performing link-building

    for GMB
  • Completing and

    optimizing your GMB profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GMB service is an easy to use management tool that helps businesses display working hours, services, offers, business hours and direction through maps. It allows customers to reach the business online and find information about the company in just a few clicks. It makes gaining popularity for a brand more effortless online.

Our GMB service includes:
– Adding location of your business on Google maps, along with adding it to different franchise you have.
– Clicking high-quality photos of your company’s place.
– Setting up Google My Business and verification.
– Keyword analysis and suggestions.
– Adding a business to local listings.
– Posting updates and latest content.
– A complete customer support.

Having a Google My Business listing makes your business more visible and helps in improving your SEO score. Whenever a search is made on google, it makes sure your business is on the top of the SERP. Hence, setting up GMB will definitely help you with qualified leads and increase the conversion rate.

Apart from that, we keep track of calls, website visits and sessions, direction requests from your Google My Business every day. This will help you understand the engagement with your business. Along with improving your brand reputation, it also promotes your brand, making your business more credible and trustworthy through GMB.

GMB setup includes the local listing, setting up directions on Google maps, and optimizing the account. Our management team improves the local visibility.
Moreover, our primary focus is on generating leads. from GMB and for that we
– Create and Implement strategies
– Work on generating reviews
– Keep an eye on spams
– Increase engagement
Gradually, all these help in improving SEO and google ranking.

Yes, You can unsubscribe to the service anytime you want for the “Grow” and “Accelerate” package.
However, the “Build” package is a one-time setup fee.

No, we won’t reverse the work done after the cancellation of the service. You will have access to the GMB account & what’s already done will remain unchanged even if you no longer take the service.

– Websites are the face of your business. But GMB is the first impression of your business on your prospects.
– 3 out of 5 people search on google first while trying to reach any business. So when someone searches for your business, it is the google listing that appears first.
– When you have a GMB account, it makes your business more credible, trustworthy and reliable. The review adds value, and google maps make locating your business easier.
– Hence, it is always a win-win when you have GMB and a website together.

To meet the requirements of the business based on their specifications, we have divided the pricing policy into three different plans.
Build for ₹ 3999/-   One time setup fee  
Grow for ₹ 9999/-  One time fee for 3 Months Package
Accelerate ₹ 18999/-  One time fee for 3 Months Package
– For more details regarding price and the packages, check our GMB service page: https://mediabuzzlab.com/google-my-business-optimization/

To upgrade a plan, reach us via mail [email protected] or call us on +91-8850032150. Communicate about your specifications, and our team representatives will be more than happy to help you.

Yes, you will receive a GMB progress report every month. Our team members managing your GMB account will communicate the necessary details and will keep you updated.

Every month we will update you with the monthly report of your GMB account and the progress. It includes,
– Calls through GMB
– Website visits
– Request for directions
– Map search and views
– Reviews
– Post Views
– Photo views
Keeping it concise, brief and easy to understand, our team will also help you with details.

– Managing GMB is tricky, and it is no cakewalk. Keeping it updated without any professional help can result in missing out on essentials making a huge difference, negatively.
– GMB does not require much, but it surely needs keen attention as the industry is dynamic and keeps on introducing new updates and algorithms.
– When you hire a team of professionals, it becomes easy to track updates and make changes. It keeps the account fresh with the latest details without missing any essentials.
Our services are not confined to any specific region. We are open for services, everywhere, Nationally and Internationally.
MediaBuzzLab provides services that help the small and medium business grow and conquer markets. Our primary service areas are
– Social Media Marketing
– Media Visibility
– SEO optimization
– Video marketing
– Content writing
For more details visit our website www.mediabuzzlab.com or reach us at [email protected] our executives will be more than happy to help you!